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Logitech G513 Windows 11 Software Drivers Update

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Logitech G513 Windows 11 Software Download Driver for Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard. Support Windows 11, Mac 12 with Latest Logitech Gaming Software and Logitech G HUB.

The Logitech G513 is an advanced mechanical gaming keyboard with a stylish design. It’s packed with cutting-edge technologies and features including full spectrum RGB per-key lighting, LIGHTSYNC technology, and a memory foam palmrest. The dazzling display of colors and the supple feel of the G513’s mechanical switches make it an unbeatable combination of build quality and performance.

The G513’s software and drivers are available for download online. If you’re having trouble configuring your keyboard, you can visit the Official G513 FAQ page to get the answers you’re looking for. These features include customization options for backlighting, lighting zones, and WASD keys. The 16-million-color RGB backlighting allows you to change the brightness of each key without sacrificing comfort.

The Logitech G513 has a black and silver color scheme, and it’s sold exclusively at Best Buy. The brushed-metal finish looks similar to the Space Gray Apple iMac Pro. However, the rounded, stylized “G” logo adds a unique touch. The backplate is finished in a black-and-silver combination, with rubber pads for added comfort.

In terms of performance, the G513 keyboard is a good choice for gaming. The 260-key Rollover, 16.8 million-color RGB lighting, and Game Mode features make it a great keyboard for pc gaming. It also supports Logitech Video Gaming Software, which lets you customize the RGB lighting and customize the lighting patterns. There are also similar software programs available from rivals such as Roccat.

Downloads Logitech G513Driver for Windows

Hardware G513
Category Keyboard
File Languages Multi-language
Last Update 2022-06-08
File Size 40 Mb
Version 2022.6.271036
Operating System windows 7, windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 11

Logitech G513 Software Download for Windows

Logitech G513 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Driver for Mac

Hardware G513
Category Keyboard
File Languages Multi-language
Last Update 2022-06-08
version 2022.6.271036
Size 17 Mb
Operating System Mac OS 10.15, Mac OS 11, and Mac OS 12.0

Logitech G513 Software Download for Mac



Logitech G513 User Manual Download



Stop new devices from pairing using LGS Arx Control

To stop other devices using Arx Control from connecting to your computer:

  1. Open Logitech Gaming Software.
  2. Click the Settings gear icon, and then click the Arx Control tab.
  3. Select “Do not allow new device pairing”.
  4. Click OK.

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