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Logitech M705 Driver, Software & Manual DOWNLOAD

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If you are experiencing problems with your Logitech M705 mouse, you should upgrade its drivers. You can download the latest version of the driver by following the steps below: Once you have uninstalled the current version, you should proceed to the next step. Make sure that your computer is at a stable Internet connection before attempting to download the latest driver. After you’ve downloaded the latest version, restart your computer to ensure the update is successful.

To update the Logitech M705 driver, go to Device Manager and select your mouse. Click on the ‘Update Driver’ option, and then choose “Browse my computer” to download the latest version. You can also select a specific driver to exclude from the scan, which will speed up the download process. Afterward, you can choose the type of driver to install by clicking on the search box.

Available Logitech M705 Driver for windows, Mac and Chrome OS

Logitech M705 features

  • Scroll Wheel – Press for middle button; tilts for sideto-side scrolling.*
  • Scroll Wheel Mode Shift Button – Press to shift between hyper-fast (free-spinning) and precision (click-to click) scrolling.
  • Back and Forward Buttons* – Press to flip between web pages.
  • Application Switch* – Press rubber grip to switch between applications.
  • Battery Indicator Light – Turns red when a couple weeks of battery life remain.
  • On/Off Button – Slide to turn mouse on and off.
  •  Battery Door Release – Press where indicated and slide door off mouse. Reduce weight by installing a single battery.
  • Laser engine – Delivers smooth, responsive, and precise cursor control.
  •  Slots – Use to remove worn mouse feet.

    Application Switcher and side-to-side scrolling require Logitech software. Depending on your operating system, the back, forward, and middle buttons may also require Logitech software.

M705 Marathon Mouse Driver for Windows

Hardware Logitech M705
Category Mouse
File Languages Multi-language
Last Update 2021-12-16
File Size 13 Mb
Version 2.6.201219
Operating System Windows 10, Windows 11

Link Download Logitech M705 Driver for Windows


Logitech M705 Marathon Wireless Mouse Driver for Mac

Hardware Logitech M705
Category Mouse
File Languages Multi-language
Last Update  2021-12-16
version 2.6.201219
Size 24 Mb
Operating System macOS 10.15, macOS 10.14, macOS 11, macOS 11.2, macOS 11.1

Link Download Logitech M705 Drivers for Mac


Logitech M705 Driver for Chrome OS

Logitech M705 User Manual Download


Pointer does not move at all?

  1. Make sure the power switch is in the ON position.
  2. Ensure that the battery polarity is correct. Check battery power by turning the mouse OFF and then ON. If the battery indicator light glows red or does not glow at all, replace the batteries.
  3. Try plugging the Unifying receiver into a different USB port.
  4. Try reconnecting the mouse and Unifying receiver using the Logitech Unifying software (refer to the Unifying section of this guide).

Erratic pointer movement or missed button clicks?

  1. Try using the mouse on a different surface.
  2. Remove metallic objects between the mouse and Unifying receiver.
  3. If the Unifying receiver is plugged into a USB hub, try plugging it directly into your computer.
  4. Move the Unifying receiver to a USB port closer to the mouse

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