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Logitech MX Vertical Windows 11 Software Drivers Update

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Logitech MX Vertical Windows 11 Software Download Driver for Advanced Ergonomic Mouse, Support Windows 11, Mac 12 with Latest Firmware Update Tool and Logitech Options.

The Logitech MX Vertical is a revolutionary ergonomic mouse designed to reduce muscle strain and improve posture. It is made from a comfortable and ergonomic material that supports the natural curves of the wrists. The MX Vertical is available in two styles, wireless and wired. Its ergonomic design offers comfort to any user, and it is easy to use. The MX is available at retail outlets and online. It costs $199.

The Logitech MX Vertical has a sleek and surprisingly accurate sensing unit that feels very accurate, allowing for fast and precise movement. The DPI range is 400-4,000, making it perfect for a wide variety of computer applications. The MX comes with customizable buttons that allow users to change the speed of the vertical MX cursor. This makes the mouse extremely comfortable to use. It also works with various types of laptops and desktop PCs.

Unlike other mice, the Logitech MX Vertical supports up to three devices at the same time. Toggling between devices can be done by pressing the bottom mouse button. The Logitech MX Vertical is compatible with Bluetooth and the Logitech Unifying Receiver. The device features a button that toggles between wireless connections, but there is no place to stash the receiver. A USB-C cable is provided for charging and storing your peripherals.

Downloads MX Vertical Advanced Ergonomic Mouse Driver for Windows

Hardware MX Vertical
Category Mouse
File Languages Multi-language
Last Update 2022-05-16
File Size 14 Mb
Version 3.0.258181
Operating System windows 7, windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 11

Logitech MX Vertical Software Download for Windows

Logitech MX Vertical Driver for Mac

Hardware MX Vertical
Category Mouse
File Languages Multi-language
Last Update 2022-05-31
version  9.60.116
Size 296 Mb
Operating System Mac OS 10.15, Mac OS 11, and Mac OS 12.0

Logitech MX Vertical Software Download for Mac


Logitech MX Vertical User Manual Download


What happens when you right-click in iPadOS?

A right-click is comparable to a long-press with your finger. Using the mouse, there’s no need to hold down to have the menu appear — it shows in an instant.

Change the scrolling direction of mouse on iPadOS

  1. Go to Settings > General > Trackpad and Mouse.
  2. Slide the toggle to the left to turn off Natural Scrolling.

Pair Logitech mouse to iPad using Bluetooth

  1. Turn your mouse ON.
    The LED should start blinking fast. If it doesn’t, perform a long press on the Easy-Switch button on the mouse.
  2. Open the iPad Settings and tap Bluetooth settings.
  3. Choose your mouse in the list of Devices.

How to reconnect the MX Vertical mouse to a Unifying receiver

  1. Turn the MX Vertical on and make sure the charging cable is unplugged.
  2. Press the Easy-Switch button to select the channel you want to connect to.
  3. Press and hold the button for three seconds (until the LED starts to blink rapidly) to start discovery mode.
  4. Open the Logitech Unifying Software and follow the on-screen instructions to connect your device. When prompted, plug the Unifying receiver into a working USB-A port.

Use Logitech Options to add a new device

  1. Launch Logitech Options:
    • Windows: Start > Programs > Logitech > Logitech Options
    • Mac: Macintosh HD > Applications > Logitech Options
  2. If this is the first device to pair with your Unifying receiver, click Add Devices.
  3. If you already have one or more devices paired, click Your Devices and then Add Devices in the bottom right corner of the window.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to add your device.

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